Ashlee Coffey

I am a 12-year veteran journalist living in Omaha, Nebraska. I am currently the editor of — the parenting website of the Omaha World-Herald. I am married and have two sons.

After their babies died of SIDS, 2 Norfolk moms create special project to raise awareness

Baby Briggs was the perfect addition to the West family. His big brothers, Brock, Brodie and Braxton, loved to cover him with hugs and kisses. Briggs, who was born on Nov. 7, loved to be held. His two older brothers loved to talk to him about sports and would try to get him to hold a ball — a not-so-subtle way of getting him ready for a sports-filled future. But it was a future the Norfolk family would never know.

They don't need a white picket fence. Why these Omaha families love raising their kids downtown

At first glance, downtown Omaha might not seem like the ideal place to live and raise a family. It doesn’t fit the typical neighborhood vision of rows of houses, white picket fences and kids playing catch in the front yard. It’s louder and brighter, and there are lots of people and traffic. But the perks outweigh the inconveniences, says Mike Moylan, a father of twin boys.

Loss of baby, cancer lead former Omaha couple to adoption, hope, happiness

It was going to be Carri Lyons' first Mother's Day. Eight years ago, Carri and her husband, Edwin, were ready to celebrate. At their home in Salt Lake City, two Mother’s Day cards were on display – one from her mother and another from her mother-in-law. Carri was 22-weeks pregnant with the couple’s first child – a boy they named Christian. But that Mother’s Day weekend came with an unexpected loss that nearly tore them apart.